Candidate Intelligence
Gain access to proprietary candidate intelligence to enable virtually effortless sourcing.
Candidate Sourcing
Delivering only stack ranked qualified candidates who meet your technical qualification, candidate interest and candidate fit.
Technical Sourcing
Leverage headhuntr’s proprietary job/skills taxonomy and AI to source technical position with ease
Sales Sourcing
Utilizing sales candidate intelligence to find the top sales performers, and/or sales career progression.
Candidate Intelligence generates the essential candidate intelligence that recruiters need
Workforce Optimization
Enabling organizations to optimize their teams by identifying internal talent using our workforce intelligence solution

Empower Anyone to Hire Like a Top Recruiter

Built for Recruitment Ease

Source Efficiently

Start with a larger pool of qualified candidates, stack ranked by relevancy and interest.

Qualify Faster

Leverage AI powered by candidate intelligence to identify, qualify and rank candidates that match your needs.

Reduce Time to Hire

Access multi-source contact
information to connect with and hire the perfect candidate, fast.

Diversity was built to use the power of AI and vision processing to highlight underrepresented talent or veterans’ status and bring them to the top of your candidate search. Our platform features a diversity filter that analyzes data such as pronouns, ethnicity, and veteran status to emphasize candidates who are easily buried in general career platforms.

Why Choose Us?

Save Time and Money delivers ONLY stack ranked qualified candidates on every search, so you don’t have to search through hundreds of unqualified candidates. Our easy-to-read UI shows candidate qualifications exactly how the top recruiters evaluate candidates ensuring that you are only viewing the candidates which meet all their mandatory requirements. Headhuntr’s candidate “Fit” criteria ensures that your time is not wasted contacting candidates who are unlikely to be interested or a good fit.

Resources ensures that your efforts are not wasted by ensuring that every candidate is reachable. There is no need to use multiple tools to find and contact candidates, as has the broadest coverage of contact information available in the marketplace. Headhuntr’s talent engagement solution ensures that you can reach the candidate in a multitude of ways.

Our Partners offers an easy integration with the tech stacks your company knows and loves. We now integrate with Greenhouse, Lever, and other Applicant Tracking systems, enabling streamlined talent acquisition processes.

Ready to Hire?

Use Candidate Intelligence to kickstart your hiring today.